Pastoral Team

Pastoral Team

Marion Hunerdosse - Senior Pastor

Marion Hunerdosse

Senior Pastor

How I came to Christ

I came to Christ as a teen. I had been raised in a Christian home and gone to church all of my life. As a typical teen, rebellion was the main word of my life. After a particularly long period of extreme rebellion my conscience wouldn’t let me sleep one night and I knelt beside my bed in tears and asked Christ to forgive me and surrendered to His relentless pursuit of a chronic rebel.

My Passion

My passion is the equipping of believers and the teaching of the Word.

My favorite book(s) of the Bible

Leviticus, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus

My Hobbies

Reading, golf, watching ESPN

My Favorite Movie or TV Show

White Christmas and NCIS

What makes me laugh

Politics and Red Skelton

My favorite restaurant

Toss up between Pizza Hut and Corner Cafe

Charles Coakley - Youth Pastor

Charles Coakley

Youth Pastor

How I came to Christ:

Beginning at about age five I attended Sunday School at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Kansas City North and under the tutelage of wonderful teachers I grew to love the Lord. I don’t know that there was ever an exact date that I accepted Christ, but I began knowing I was a Christian around the age of eight.

My Passion

I really enjoy and receive great satisfaction from working with young people. For those who don’t know Christ, I hope I can lead them to Him, and for those who already have accepted Christ as their savior I hope to enrich their lives with quality teaching.

My favorite book(s) of the Bible:

Matthew and Luke – I enjoy studying the birth of Jesus from two different viewpoints.

My Hobbies:


My Favorite Movie or TV Show:

Movie – Grapes of Wrath (1940)

TV –  Gunsmoke (1955-1975)

What makes me laugh:

The humorous antics of Middle School children.  Even though I’ve retired after teaching 28 years I’m still in Middle School substituting because I respect the humor and unabashed love of life that only middle school age kids exhibit.

My favorite restaurant: